Go Green

Heat Pumps and Solar Thermal systems

We are always keen to promote the use of eco-friendly and Renewable technologies in all our projects. We work closely with Grant UK, a leading company that supplies award winning and efficient heating solutions.

We are featured on the Grant Website, http://www.grantuk.com/installer/?id=346 , and are registered as an Accredited Installer for their Solar Thermal and Aerona Heat pumps.

Underfloor Heating

To complement the use of renewable technologies we recommend combining the heating system with underfloor heating. We do many underfloor heating installations and are featured on the Polypipe UFH website as a registered installer http://www.freeyourwalls.com/installer/index.php?id=677 

Heating Controls

You can improve the efficiency of your heating system by simply upgrading your Heating controls. Gifford Property Services are featured on the Honeywell UK website as an Approved Installer and a member of their Installer Network. 



One simple factor many people forget about, when utilising upgraded heating systems, is how is the heat is going to be kept within the property. This is usually the job of the Insulation you have within your walls and in your roof space.

For properties with Cavity walls that are poorly insulted walls this a rather straight forward fix with the use of blown in cavity wall insulation.

But what if your property has a solid wall and no cavity?

We are please to say we proud to be an approved installer of the Knauf Internal Wall Insulation system for Solid wall homes.

Knauf are one of the leading Insulation companies and the application of their unique system allows solid wall homes to be brought up to a suitable standard.

Rainwater and Greywater Recycling

Reusing water is vast becoming a growing trend within both new-build projects and renovations. Eventually either a Greywater or Rainwater recycling system will have to fitted in all new build properties to coincide with the code for sustainable homes due to reduced household water consumption targets.

Rainwater harvesting reuses rainwater to allow you to fill toilet cisterns, operate your washing machine and outside taps.

Greywater recycling reuses bath, shower and wash hand basin water for reuse in toilets, washing machine and outside taps.


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